This is the full list where I diversify my money. More projects will be added. Stay tuned.

real estate

Real estate investment platform with 14,8% Capital Growth

Project #1

This is real estate investment platform with 14,8% Capital Growth ! There are on 5+ Markets with more than 10,000+ investors. How does it work ? Register on their website and invest money in some real estate. They offer protection from not paying. Get paid monthly.

Investment in personal and business P2P loans

Project #2

This is investment in personal and business P2P loans. They offer loans in EUR, PLN, BGN, RON, RUB. Minimum investment is 100 EUR (or in another currency ). They offer a range of investment duration - from 7 days to 120 days. The other thing they offer is IUVO Save - Duration of deposit from 3 months ( 5% Annual Interest rate) to 12 months with 7% Annual Interest rate. Total invested loans are 291M EUR ! They also offer a buyback guarantee . How to invest there ? Follow the steps on their website and contact me.

A platform for P2P investment in loans (local for Bulgaria)

Project #3

This is a platform for P2P investment in loans (local for Bulgaria).  They are working great here! But if you still want to invest ,look for other projects.


Project Earth 2.0

Project Earth 2.0

Are you asking yourself what this project is about? This is a very good project for Earth! Are you familiar with BOINC? With this program, you donate computer power for science projects. For example - Covid-19 , many other vaccines, the Africa Rainfall project, and many others. Ask me how you can contribute to my mission.

Contact us

You can send me a message for anything you like

For individuals

Invest in personal business here.

For companies

Or you are a firm, looking for some dividend in real estate?

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