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Hello and welcome to my website. Who I am? I am Todor Metodiev. I am just an investor who is looking for another good project. I am also investing in eco-projects. Thank you for visiting my website. Happy staying!

Hello new visitor. Are you looking for a better investment for your money? You can diversify your money into my projects and make money. How to make money? Invest in one project - for example, 10 EUR. Imagine this money staying in one project for a whole year. In one year you will have a minimum of 10% annual! Is this a great deal?

Here you can calculate how much money you would make in your project. For example investment in real estate - 100 EUR is a minimum.  When you have over 25 000 EUR in one investment there, you will have 14% + 1%, paid monthly.

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You can send me a message for anything you like

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Invest in personal business here.

For companies

Or you are a firm, looking for some dividend in real estate?

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